For the Adoptive Parent(s)

Adoption is a lifelong commitment and process, and adopted children are best cared for when their adoptive parent(s) have access to the information and resources they need, when they need it. The adoption professionals at Adoptive Families for Children are ready to assist you in your desire to adopt and will work with you to make the home study process as stress-free as possible.

At Adoptive Families for Children, we take the mystery out of the adoption process. You will never go months without hearing from us, as our professionals work with you throughout this process. Our goal is to make your adoption, however long it may take, an experience you will remember and cherish forever.

If adoption is your choice, our team of professionals will be there to assist you every step of the way. We will help you understand the process, safeguard your rights, and promote your wishes throughout your journey. Whether you are interested in a closed adoption, where you may not meet or speak with the prospective birth mother; an open adoption, where you may have the opportunity to not only speak with, but also meet the prospective mother; or somewhere in between, Adoptive Families for Children can assist you in planning your perfect adoption. Birth mothers nationwide look forward to the possibility of placing their child into happy, permanent homes.

Required Adoption Training

New Hampshire adoption standards requires eight hours of training for each adoptive parent before an adoption can be finalized. The training must cover the following topics: the adoption process; understanding a child's behavior; grief and loss; the developmental stages; birth families; and the impact of adoption on families. The training only needs to be completed once, not each time you adopt a child.

The seminar chosen most by our adoptive families is the Adoption Preparation Seminar with Kelly Smith, LICSW.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions about the New Hampshire adoption process? Take a look at our frequently asked questions for the adoptive parent(s) for some of the most common inquiries we receive. Some examples are listed below.

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